The Page One Collective focuses on spreading the word/s of and about political prisoners past and present.  Our name comes from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) justification for rejecting a letter sent to a U.S. held political prisoner:  “Page one calls for solidarity”.


What is a political prisoner?

We recognize that all incarceration is somehow political, but we choose to focus our limited time, energy, and resources on political prisoners, who are individuals incarcerated specifically for actions taken as a part of or in solidarity with liberatory political movements. This means folx involved in movements such as black liberation, indigenous resistance, earth and animal liberation, and anarchist struggles to name a few.  For a more in-depth analysis and a bunch of related resources, please visit the website of the New York City Anarchist Black Cross.

Black Lives Matter. Black Liberation Matters.

We send our support to all those out there fighting. While we continue the struggle for all oppressed peoples here in the so-called united states, we must remember those who were caught by the state in their fight for liberation. Download this zine that highlights the elders currently incarcerated for their participation in Black liberation movements [last updated October 2022]. Write them, support them, bring up their names. Hand this information out at a protest, at a family dinner, or in your neighborhood. Let’s keep these names in our minds and hearts. This edition is for reading digitally – if you would like the printable version email us.